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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to Web Sites Free For Beginners - Introduction

Many of you are out there spending big bucks on building, hosting, and promoting your web sites or blogs.

Why do people do this? I don't know.

When I first started out, I didn't have the money to be shelling it out everywhere - especially when I didn't really know what I was doing yet, and everything I put out there was an experiment, or just for practice. This is why I built free web sites, instead of taking a risk of losing a bunch of money on my failures.

And I still build my own web sites for free!

Most people think you can't make money on the internet with free web sites, but that's not true. The biggest proof is right here on Blogspot, where people are making lots of money on their free hosted blogs.

The idea that free web sites hosted on free web hosts were somehow "shady" or "not to be trusted", has pretty much fallen by the wayside. In my opinion, it was never true anyway. You have to give all the same identifying information for your free web sites as you do on paid ones. So owners of free hosted websites are really just as accountable as those who are paying. Web services providers will still try to sell you this line of baloney, though, to keep you paying through the nose.

Why all my perseverance in building free web sites and learning all this stuff? Why, to figure out how to make money with my own free websites, of course!

Can you earn money for free on your free web site? Certainly, you sure can! Just ask Grizzly at Make Money Online For Beginners! He makes plenty on his freely hosted Blogger blog! And he's happy to teach you how to do it, too - without all the hype and sales pitches being rammed down your throat! Go check him out to learn how to make money with blogs hosted for free!

It wasn't that easy trying to figure out how to keep up with the big guys when I was only working with freebie website stuff. They had lots of money to spend on all the high-priced fancy techno gadgets, scripts, and graphic stuff I couldn't afford. How could I compete with all that?

I developed extraordinary researching abilities to discover free ways to build my own free websites, so I could get my free web sites to look as good as their expensive ones.

It was out of the question to hire someone to build my free websites for me. No way could I afford it. I could not afford to buy web templates, either, nor fancy web designer graphics and logos. So I had to learn html on my own, and how to make my own templates and graphics through free web design tutorials.

Pretty tough for someone who had never seen html before, and had no idea what was involved. But I figured it all out, for the most part. At least I know my way around a little bit, or can pretend I do, anyway.

I found the free html tutorials, free graphics tutorials, free web editing software, free graphics software, and technical information I needed to start building free web sites. And I set myself to learning everything I didn't know about building free web sites and free web site promotion.

Through a lot of research and trial and error, and with some major OMG moments when some crappy web hosts and software screwed up all my hard work, I learned where to get the best free web hosting, and which free web hosting providers had the best services and best free web tools. Which ones give you the most free web space and bandwidth with the least forced ads.

Things have improved a whole lot since I first started building my own free web sites, and have gotten better and easier for people who build free websites. Now we have free hosting providers who will give lots more storage and bandwidth, and who will host your databases and will allow you to add Wordpress, Joomla, PhpBB forums, Social Networking scripts, Python, Rails, E-Commerce scripts, and a myriad of other free scripts and databases onto your free web hosting account, almost as easily as the click of a button.

I am like a kid in a candy store just looking at it all! My free websites get more awesome and easier to build every time! And not only that, but free web sites are not so looked down upon as they used to be!

I did come up with several favorite free web hosts after all this time. I will be doing close up reviews of the best free web hosting providers in my future posts, and I will share them with you, so you will know who they are, too. But for now I want to concentrate on just letting you know what I am going to be trying to do here on this Web Sites Free For Beginners Blog.

I spend a lot of time digging around on the internet looking at other peoples' web sites and promotion strategies, so I can learn what gadgets, techniques, and strategies they are using to get the success they are enjoying. Whenever I see something really smart, cool, or innovative, I immediately try to figure out how to implement it myself for free on my own free websites.

Over the years, I have learned the hard way which are the best free web hosts, where to get the best free templates, who has the best free graphics for your web site, how to use free online graphics tools and free graphics software to make your logos and free web graphics, where to go to get free web design tutorials when I get stuck, who the best free affiliate networks are, and how to use free SEO tutorials, free SEO software, and free online SEO tools to promote your websites for free.

I can also tell you about the best places to write articles to promote your blog for free, the best free mailing software, (not Aweber!) and the best free classified ads sites to advertise on. There are a lot of good places to write articles to promote your web sites for free and earn money from Google AdSense, Ebay, and Amazon while you are doing it.

But probably the best one is HubPages. I have written articles there that were indexed and ranked very high with my chosen keyword phrases on the first pages of Google within a couple of hours. Go check out their Guide to Generating Revenue now, sign up and start making a little money right now by writing articles about whatever you want to write about. I'll clue you in on the other free article writing places later.

It seems like the free search engine optimization and free web site promotion are the hardest parts of building free websites. The building part is the fun part, but choosing the right niche keywords, optimizing your site for the search engines, and promoting your website for free is painstaking and not that much fun. (Not to me, anyway!)

But optimizing your site for the search engines is the nuts and bolts of building a free web site, and is the most important thing you can do for your free website or blog. You have to do it, because without it, you will get no traffic at all, and your site will die a quick death.

In advance, I can tell you that I will be sharing my free website building secrets with you - such as how to build a free website by yourself, how to get the best free web hosting, free website building and free graphics tutorials, how to optimize your site for the search engines, what to do to make money with your free web site or blog, and how to get free targeted traffic.

In short: every bit of knowledge and all the tools you need to start building free websites and making money for free.

So, if you want to learn how to build websites for free, get free website building tutorials, free software, free web tools, free graphics, and free tutorials on how to make money for free with your free blog or website, then subscribe to " Web Sites Free For Beginners "

I already have 10 categories of stuff to help you build your own free website, with 39 sub-categories of things you can use to build free websites with. Just so you know: You can expect this blog to be a veritable authority on everything you need to build free web sites and start earning money now!

Hey! Do you like my fancy new Social Bookmarking widget at the botttom of this post? Just an example of the cool stuff I find for building free websites!

I'm not really a big fan of social bookmarking myself - I'd rather get free targeted traffic generated by good old-fashioned SEO. But hey, any traffic is better than no traffic, and some of you have your niche networks built up nicely enough so it works for you.

If you would like to add this Free Social Bookmarking Widget for Blogger from SocioFluid to the bottoms of your blog posts, go get the script from the above link, then just open your editor to "layout" and select "add a widget", then select "add your own widget", and copy and paste that script into the box. Click save and then drag your new widget and dump it into the bottom of your post box. Click save again, and done! It's easy!

If you don't want to go through all the copy/pasting, you can also add the widget directly to your Blogger Blog with their widget installer tool at SocioFluid Blogger Widget Tool

When you get done, you will have a brand new social networking widget in the bottom of all your blog posts that will look just like the one below.

And yours will be cooler than everyone else's! ;P Enjoy!

Keep coming back! I've got lots more! :)

In the meantime, start asking yourself why you are paying out all that money for hosting and promotion, when you could be doing your web sites free ?

Here's to a long and prosperous future of building free web sites and making money for free!

Your friend,
Free Website Builder Extraordinaire!


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  2. Thanks very much, Sue for being my very first visitor! And thanks for the kudos, even though all I've done is write one article! You are so sweet! :)