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Saturday, August 22, 2009

DevHub Is HubPages on Steroids - So Easy a Monkey Can Do It!

I am promoting DevHub to the max!
This is so easy even a monkey can do it...

Build up to 10 complete, monetized, and SEO optimized Free Niche Websites!

Get 10 free Niche Websites, with free hosting, free drag and drop builder and free web tools! Earn money from the DevHub advertising on your sites, plus all the earnings from your own affiliate ads, plus 10% of your referrals' earnings!

Get over to DevHub right now & SIGN UP!

How Does This Work?

DevHub works pretty much like HubPages. You use capsules to assemble your web pages, adding blocks of text, ads, affiliate code, photos, videos, or whatever you want to add, just like assembling HubPages hubs. Except for you are building an entire web site and not just one article page - so it will be several pages, instead of just one like at HubPages.

Free Hosting:

All sites are hosted for free by DevHub. You can either purchase your own domain names and point your approved domains to DevHub and you are up and running - or you can use sub-domains like yoursitename.devhub.com. The hosting and all the tools and services are free.

I already signed up, and if you would like to see what a DevHub site looks like in the first stages of being worked on, or follow my progress as I build it, my first new site's url is: http://magicstarnetworks.devhub.com/

Yes, another free web site building and web tools site! I just signed up and have not done much of anything with it yet, except for make my horizontal navigation menu at the top. That's the first step of making any web site after you decide what it is going to be about: Navigation!

(Update 8/23/09: I have the first 2 pages almost done and have discovered that you can only add pages to the site that are in the navigation menu, which is somewhat limiting, if you build sites with lots and lots of pages, like I do. But for most people, a dozen or so pages should be enough.)


The process is very similar to that of HubPages. Using their integrated drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create and publish full-fledged websites using text, image, and embed/widget modules. You can also add your metatags and site titles with the click of a button. Further enhance the look and feel of these sites by changing the background, logo, site styles, and more. Add Google Analytics code (or any other code!) to all of the pages of your web site by clicking once! The Privacy Policy page and Site Map are already built into the web sites!

The DevHub Editor - Easy drag & drop! SO easy!

ANYONE (Yes, I think even a monkey!) can build a web site at DevHub, because it is all drag and drop and clicks of the button!

API's & Integrated Tools:

In addition to their traditional publishing tools, the DevHub platform features integrations with over 35 premiere Internet partners, which help you add depth, provide additional sources of monetization, and enhance your visitors' experience on your sites.

Here's what you can add to your DevHub web sites with the click of a button:

News & RSS
More Web Pages
Your own html, javascript & affiliate products
Contact Forms
Navigation Menu
Local Listings
Property Listings
Integrated Advertising


DevHub's reporting dashboard allows you to track the performance of your entire network or drill down to the particular analytics of a single site. View charts and daily detailed statistics on traffic and revenues, allowing you to make better decisions on how to grow your mediaconomy.

Here's How the DevHub Ecosystem Works:

DevHub Ecosystem - Build Your Own Online Media Network:

Whether you are looking to build a network of 1 or 1,000 sites, the DevHub platform provides you with the flexibility to publish, monitor, and manage your own online media network.
The platform itself is a convergence of multiple API integrations and high-end development tools that empowers the Internet entrepreneur to build quality, media-rich sites targeted at niche audiences.

DevHub takes care of the heavy lifting (hosting, programming, integration of monetization channels, and report aggregation) so you can focus on building and enhancing your network.

With DevHub you can easily publish a wide range of sites:

Local Service-based
Commerce / Product-based
Media Rich portals (i.e. Videos, Pictures, Podcasts)
Vertically-focused (i.e. Jobs, Travel, Education, etc)

All in all, this works pretty much like HubPages. Where you build your pages with capsules and drag & drop, and they are monetized wtih Adsense, Amazon, and Ebay. Except that at DevHub, you build an entire web site and not just one article page, and you can put even more affiliate products on your pages! You can also include your own blog, forum, guest book, rss, javascript, widgets, or literally whatever else you want to stick in your pages!

(I don't know if I can stick a Niche Store into one of those pages or not yet, but trust me, I certainly do intend to try it!)

Just imagine being able to build a whole site around your topic instead of just one page! And be able to add interactivity to it like a blog, forum, newsletter, rss feeds, etc, etc.

And it is so EASY! This is just about the most awesome thing I have seen in a very long time! It's almost better than sliced bread! I am thrilled with this!

How many Niche Topics can you think of?

I can think of quite a few! In fact, I have already come up with my ten Niche Topics!

(I can't tell you what they are, though! Have to find your own!)

You can do this! This is EASY!

This is a great opportunity to take your niche topics a little bit farther and see what you can do with them!

Check it out! You have nothing to lose. It's FREE!

Get over to DevHub right now & SIGN UP!

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